Nvidia launches streaming service GeForce Now for PCs


Nvidia which is a popular technology company has now launched its streaming service Geforce Now will be available for Windows PCs via public beta. The announcement was made by the company at the CES 2018.

Exactly a year from now at CES 2017 Nvidia had launched the Geforce cloud-based service that could stream high-end games for your PCs, nullifying the need for a powerful hardware.

Well making the GeForce streaming services available on PCs will the give the users to game at maximum settings with smooth frames rates on a lesser compatible desktop or laptop, says Nvidia. The maximum resolution you can play up to is 1080p up to 120fps, if you are expecting a 4K and HDR on an old PC or laptop, ‘you have to give it a second thought. Gamers can sign up for the GeForce Now public beta waitlist and will be notified once granted.

The company is currently making the GeForce Now beta version available in North America and Europe and India as well. It can be accessed through your PC too. GeForce Now which is powered by hardware in the cloud, and streamed over the internet will require a high download speed of 50Mbps for full +HD 60fps, and 25Mbps for HD 60fps, and 10Mbps for HD 30fps. In countries like India, you might face a bit of lag cause the closer servers are located in Europe. Right now there is no news from Nvidia that it would expand beyond the beta version on PCs.