Wi-Fi Alliance announces WPA3 new security Protocol protection


The Wi-Fi Alliance has just announced WPA3 the new security enhancements of the Wi-Fi Protected Access Protocol which is use dot authenticate an individuals device to a network. In today’s world security is been a major concern for the technological gadgets that you use to carry out most of your online activities. The alliance new enhancement WPA3 will make the Wi-Fi network more secure, especially when you are using your wi-fi in an open network such as a public hotspot.

WPA3 will simplify the process of configuring a strong password even when the users are unable to set a strong password for themselves. It will provide better privacy in open area network with personalised data encryption. Hackers who use software to guess the password will be restrained.

Additionally, a 192-bit security suite has been implemented to protect security requirements of corporate, industrial and government applications to comply with their security requirements.

WPA2 which has been used for more than a decade has provided security to billions of devices, in the recent years it has shown the vulnerability that makes possible to intercept traffic and decrypt data which has been publically closed. The attack method known as KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) has affectedly most of the devices like smartphones, Pc’s, routers.

All Wi-Fi devices will need to be updated and recertified by the alliance in order to support WPA3. The rollout will begin in 2018. The Wi-Fi Alliance is also working on the Wi-Fi 802.11ac and 802.11ax standards, which is designed to support multiple access points covering larger areas switching between multiple devices on their Wi-Fi networks. 802.11ax might be rolled out in 2019 and promises to give speed up to 600Mbps, managing device connections more intelligently connected to a specific device rather than broadcasting in all direction.